July 12, 2015

Effective immediately, Four-D College regrets to inform you that the institution is closed and will not reopen.

Four-D College has been accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) since 1996. The job placements of its graduates have been accepted without question up until 2011. For unknown specific reasons, the agency began to deny the job-related placements of its graduates without provocation. Due to the actions of ABHES rejecting the placements of graduates into viable employment, ABHES issued an act to deny the renewal of Four-D College’s accreditation. The institution has diligently, with legal counsel, tried to have ABHES accept its placement records in recent years. It should be noted that the placement of graduates in job-related fields from other institutions accredited by ABHES, have been accepted at the same level or below submissions of Four-D College. Due to ABHES’ actions, the Institution’s Title-IV funding has been gravely effected and has made it impossible for the Institution to continue to operate.

We have been pleased to operate as a private Christian College in the Inland Empire for 23 years. We are truly saddened by the action to be singled out by our accrediting agency and forced to close.

Thank you for your years of dedicated service at Four-D College.